Saying goodbye to layers


Saying goodbye to layers

How to buy for Spring - Saying goodbye to layers

Depending on where you are in the country Spring really can be a challenge to dress so. Those chilly mornings and the beautiful sunny afternoon’s - who knows what to wear?

It seems our fashion stores have played it safe this season with the basics making the most sense in kid’s fashion.

Most kids don’t seem to feel the cold too much so skirts and shorts are always an easy option to compensate for the mixed weather.

For boys my top tip is teaming a button up shirt with shorts. I love this preppy look on boys. You can roll their little sleeves when the get warmer, an easy way to make them look presentable with very little effort.
The boys can wear their shirts at night time too, so value plus when it comes to Spring dressing.

Get the look:
Shorts: Target, shirt: Target, shes: K-Mart

For girls my Spring tip would be buy a set. This little set Olive is wearing is a two in one. A dress and T-Shirt combo for Target. Not only can she take her t-shirt off on the warmer days and still have the dress underneath, but she could also wear them separately – perhaps with a denim skirt or jeans. You essentially get two outfits for one. Money well spent if you ask me!

Get the look:
Top: Target, dress: Target, Shoes: K-Mart

Long Sleeve dresses for girls are a must, with their little legs out it seems to keep them cool when they are running around, but with the top half covered it’s again perfect for the cooler mornings or days in the shade.
You can throw a jacket over the top or tights on underneath at night time to go out for dinner of it it happens to be a cold day.
Long sleeve dresses really are the ultimate girls trans-seasonal buy. They can wear sleeve right through the Summer nights and sometimes up until Easter without tights too. Good for the budget when you get a lot of wear out of one item.

Get the look:
Dress: Best & Less, shoes: Kmart

As soon as Spring rolls around, my kids are straight into their thongs and sandals. How much easier are they! Not to mention 52947 million less pairs of tiny mis-matched socks to wash each week.

I don’t know about you, but my kids were never great at wearing thongs with out the backs on them until they at least 5. Even now for Flynn I opt for a summer sandal over thongs. They are more comfortable running in them, and it usually means less accidents, scuffed knees and tears.
Honestly all of the main stores have really great options for boy’s sandals. K-mart and Cotton On are usually my go to’s as they are VERY affordable, and we have never had any break. The quality is extremely good for the value.

Spring really is for smart buying, it’s not too cold or too warm, so make sure you hit the shops with that in mind.