Inner glow: what to eat and drink to get glowing skin


Inner glow: what to eat and drink to get glowing skin

Your skin is the reflection of what is happening on the inside, so it’s important to make sure that you are doing all the right things during your daily routine to make sure that your body is feeling the love. There are numerous types of masks, serums and moisturisers out there to help you achieve your skin goals, but here are a few of the things that you can do to help aid your body to produce glowing skin.

Lots of sleep

When you get a full night's sleep, it helps blood flow and stops your skin from puffing up and getting those dark bags under your eyes. It isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing!

Hydrate before bed

You can often get dehydrated when sleeping, which can cause dry skin, so try to have a glass of water before bed and first thing when you wake up. If you are not a fan of drinking plain water, try adding lemon or berries to add some natural flavour.


The key for healthy-looking skin is to have a healthy body first. By eating oily fish, nuts, seeds and avocados, you will increase the amount of Omega 3 fats you consume, which is essential for good health. They have natural oils (good fats) that reduce inflammation, acne, scaly skin and redness. The list of foods that can help your skin goes on for miles, but as long as you are eating a healthy, balanced diet, your skin will thank you.


It may sound a little strange, but yoga and breathing exercises can improve your blood circulation, which helps your skin to glow naturally.


Hair, skin and nail vitamins are great at flooding your body with the nutrients it needs, although they only benefit you if you are not getting sufficient nutrients already. Your body will always benefit from proper nutrition and, like most parts of the body, your skin will feel the benefits from it.

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