Got flour? Here's how to use it


Got flour? Here's how to use it

It’s cheap, versatile and comes in a range of different varieties. Let’s talk about flour! If you’re spending a little more time at home lately and feeling an urge to get baking, here are 7 things you can make with the flour you have in your cupboard.

1. Banana bread

Banana bread has been reported as one of the most Googled and Instagrammed recipes across the last few months, and for good reason. It’s easy to make, and can be adapted to what you have at home. Plain flour, coconut flour, spelt, gluten free – the gang is all here! All kinds of alternative flours and sugars work well to make this delicious loaf.

If you have a gap in your pantry on the utensils front, nail your iso bake-off with these kitchen essentials. Shop cake and bread tins at House, get yourself a Kitchenaid Mixer at David Jones, and for measuring cups and spoons, try Kmart. Pick up your flour at The Market Southland or purchase alternative flours at Go Vita.

2. Sourdough

Not as easy as banana bread, to be sure, but arguably more satisfying: DIY sourdough. If you’ve missed the memo, artisanal bread has been popping up everywhere, and is a strong contender for 2020’s ‘hobby of the year’. First up, you’ll need a sourdough starter. To create it, you’ll need an airdry jar or container, flour and water. Shop these at Howards Storage World.

Once activated, all you need for your basic sourdough is flour and water. Feeling adventurous? Add in some seeds and nuts from Coles, spices from The Market Southland or olives from Coles.
Did you know that a dutch oven is actually the best way to bake your sourdough? Shop the Le Creuset range from David Jones or Cuisinart range from Myer.

3. Focaccia

For a slightly more simple bread adventure, enter the humble focaccia. Focaccia is super simple, fun to make and allows you to get artistic. Decorate your focaccia with your favourite toppings – from fresh herbs to tomatoes, onion and olives from The Market Southland. For the perfect bread making activity to do with the kids, it’s time to create edible art!

4. Pasta

From fettucine to ravioli, it’s so simple to make your own pasta at home. Feeling traditional? Use a metal pasta maker from House or set and forget with an electric pasta maker from JB Hifi.

5. Pizza bases

Make your own pizza bases with your favourite type of flour. There are hundreds of recipes available to help you perfect your base. Once you’ve mastered the base, enter your favourite toppings from The Market Southland before popping in the oven.

The secret to the perfect at home pizza is a pizza stone from House. Use your pizza stone in your oven or outdoor BBQ.

6. Playdough

A cup of flour mixed with oil, salt, cream of tartar and water = hours of fun for kids everywhere. Homemade playdough is very straightforward: just add in your favourite colour using food colouring available from Coles, Woolworths or Aldi and let the fun begin. Use cookie cutters available from Big W to make shapes or a potato ricer from Target for the DIY activity that keeps on giving.

7. Air dry clay

Consider yourself an advanced crafter? Create your own air-dry clay and make candle holders, ring dishes, pinch pots and more. Grab all your ingredients from Coles, Woolworths or Aldi and get crafting!

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