Simple Easter hat DIY projects


Simple Easter hat DIY projects

Parents are firmly separated into two camps on this one: you either LOVE the Easter hat parade (and the crafting that comes with it) or you loathe it.

We get it – life is busy, craft is hard and not everyone owns a glue gun and fabric scissors.

We have a (relatively simple) bunny cap that any parent can achieve. Here's a step-by-step of how to create it.


• A plain cap - this one is from Kmart
• Felt in any colour you want
• Craft glue that dries clear
• Pom poms – we got these from the craft section at Kmart
• Chalk (optional)
• Scissors
• A needle and thread


  1. First, head out to Westfield and pick up all of your materials.

  2. Next, cut the first ear shape out of your felt. You can freehand it, or draw it with chalk first so you have a good guide.

  3. Now, use the first ear as a stencil to cut out the next. Don't be afraid to make it long as it has to stick a good bit out over the top of the hat.

  4. Now cut the inner ears out using the same steps and glue them on to the larger ear shapes.

  1. If your felt is floppy, you're going to need to stick some stiff cardboard on the back of both ears and trim around the edges to keep them standing up. We used stiff craft felt, so it wasn’t necessary.

  2. Now cut your eye shapes out – two big white ovals and two smaller black ones. Using the glue, stick one on top of the other, then after they have dried, cut the bottom of the oval straight across.

  1. You can add a bow to the hat if you like – we made this one by cutting out a large rectangle of black felt and a smaller one of pink, then we pinched the black felt in the centre, wrapped the pink felt around and sewed the whole bunch together.

  2. Lastly, sew the ears, pom poms and eyes (and the bow if you’re adding one) to the hat.

Now give yourself a high five! That was a solid effort.

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