Bunny pancakes perfect for your Peter Rabbit obsessed kids


Bunny pancakes perfect for your Peter Rabbit obsessed kids

7 years ago a very good friend of mine arrived at my baby shower with a newborn in one hand and a baby gift in the other. Little did we know, she was holding my unborn daughter’s two best friends in her hands. The first was her daughter, of course. And the other was a little Peter Rabbit head-on-a-blanket toy.

The obsession only grew, he has by far been the most loved toy our house has ever seen. And now we are all eagerly awaiting the release of the Peter Rabbit movie. As usual, we are celebrating by playing with food.



  • One and a quarter cups of plain flour
  • One and a quarter cups of self-raising flour
  • Two cups of milk
  • Three eggs
  • One tablespoon of butter for the pan


  • Three bananas
  • A punnet of strawberries
  • A punnet of blueberries
  • Peter Rabbit chocolate bunnies


Combine the eggs and milk in a large mixing bowl and slowly add the flour, mixing as you go. Mix until all the ingredients are smooth, then set it aside to sit for at least 10 minutes.

Heat a nonstick pan on the stovetop on medium heat and put the butter in to melt. When it is all melted, tip the excess into the batter and stir.
Now pour your batter into the hot pan to make your pancakes, if you keep them smaller they will look cuter when you turn them into rabbits, plus, you can make two at a time.

Now decorate away!

Pictured: Pink plates and placemats from Kmart, Yellow Easter Plate from Bed Bath N’ Table, Spotted Ceramics from Myer, Turkish Towel from Sammimis

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