We’re UPPAREL – the industry leaders in textile recycling and pioneers of the world’s first sustainable subscription model. We’re on a mission to eradicate textile waste and step up for future generations. We have created an engaging educational experience for patrons to come learn firsthand about what we are doing and the overall impacts of textiles on the planet. UPPAREL is on a mission to decrease the fashion industry’s footprint on the planet, which is why we have created the store completely out of sustainable and repurpose able/recyclable materials.

For everyone one sock UPPAREL produces, they prevent 10 from ending up in landfill. From these socks, UPPAREL has been able to produce Australia’s first 50% recycled cotton sock which you can purchase in-store. You can save your old socks from landfill by giving them to us in store, where we will recycle them and as a result we will give you a $10 credit to redeem in-store!

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Level 3

near Dusk

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Car park off Karen Street, level 3, P3 green