This Christmas, experience Pop-Up Valet


This Christmas, experience Pop-Up Valet

  • 14th

    Sat, 9.00am - 7.00pm.

  • Car park off Nepean Highway, level 2, P2 orange.. View Map

    Price: $10

Christmas can be a busy time. With a long list of gifts to purchase, groceries to buy and kids to entertain, we're making things even easier for you this year by bringing Pop-Up Valet to Westfield Southland. This will be offered for a limited time only, adding a dash of family convenience to your Christmas shop.

There is now no need to worry about not finding a park during the silly season - have our friendly staff park your car for you for just $10 + standard parking rates.

Enter from car park off Nepean Highway, level 2, P2 orange.

Pop-Up Valet will be open as per centre trading hours. It will be available from 28 November - 31 December.

Terms & conditions:

We may at any time move or drive any vehicle left for parking in designated valet car spaces. We may deliver a vehicle to any person who produces a ticket or provides evidence of authority or entitlement to remove a vehicle. We may retain a vehicle until we are provided with a valid ticket, proof of payment, or evidence of ownership or entitlement to receive the vehicle which is satisfactory to us. We do not promise or represent that a vehicle will be delivered earlier than the time agreed when we accept it for parking. We are not liable for the theft, loss of or damage to a vehicle or delivery of your vehicle to any person who did not have authority to use or take your vehicle, except to the extent that any liability is caused or contributed to by our negligence.