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About Women's

Spring, summer, autumn, winter. Just as the seasons change, so do the seasons’ trends. Whether you are a dedicated fashion follower who is always on-point and on-trend, or you prefer to stay true to your own unique sense of style, there are always plenty of interesting things happening in women’s fashion that influence what we wear. From the iconic miniskirt of the 1960s, to the power suit of the 1980s, to the myriad fashion trends that hit the catwalks today; the world of women’s clothing is always changing, recycling and revamping.

Love designer clothing? Gorgeously designed and beautifully made, designer clothes may have a higher price tag – but for those with a love of designer fashion, it’s totally worth it. For anyone who can’t afford designer prices but loves designer lines, they will usually find designer trends trickle down through to the high street, where price tags tend to be easier on the wallet. From skirts and dresses, to jeans and pants, to tops and jackets, the trends in women’s clothing can be truly fascinating. Looking to accessorise? The world of women’s fashion does not begin and end with women’s clothing. There is a whole extended universe of accessories out there, filled with handbags, jewellery, scarves and hats, just waiting to be discovered. Excited? We certainly are.

Ready to hit the shops? Whether you’re looking for something specific, or you just fancy a little shopping spree, there is plenty to discover in women’s fashion at Westfield. From the biggest high street trends to the most exclusive designer fashion, you can find it all at Westfield. Spend the afternoon threading your way through the clothing rails, trying on new looks, and then leave the store with something gorgeous. Time to rest and refuel? Take time out to enjoy a coffee and something sweet before hitting the stores for more!