About T-Shirts

Women’s t-shirts

Find the best range of women’s t-shirts in Australia at Westfield. The right t-shirt can be worn multiple way to suit your outfit or fashion mood.

T-shirts may make up the key pieces in wardrobes all around the world, but they sure aren’t created equal. Buy a t-shirt that’s sure to stand out from Westfield’s quality international and local designers.

If you want to find the best type of t-shirt for a workout or sportswear, go for something made from light fabric. Many gym t-shirts are made from sweat-wicking fabrics that let you keep your cool while you turn up the heat during your exercise routine.

Casual t-shirts for your everyday outfits might be plain and classic in style, or can act as a modern type of canvas for cool designs and artworks. There are constantly shifting paradigms of what is on trend in the world of both long and short sleeved t-shirts, and Westfield showcases them all.

For a t-shirt that can take you into the night in style, go for something well-fitted and flattering. Perhaps you love a bit of bling, but don’t like the feel of jewellery on your arms - this is the perfect opportunity to try on an eye-catching t-shirt in a metallic sheen, so you’ll be turning heads in the ultimate comfort.

Where to find t-shirts that fit you perfectly

Westfield has hundreds upon hundreds of t-shirts on offer on their online catalogue. You can be assured they are well made creations from solid designers, plus you can easily search with keywords for the t-shirt that catches your eye. Buy online in a few simple clicks, or you can plan where to head at your nearest Westfield to try your chosen tee on for size.