About Singlets & Tank Tops

Women’s singlets

It’s always handy to have a few singlets on hand in your wardrobe. They barely take up any space in the cupboard, but can make a big impact on your outfit.

Singlets can range from everyday wear to special occasions and eveningwear. Cami singlet tops can be chic in silky fabrics, and let you bare your shoulders and décolletage in style. Pair them with wide-legged silk pants or your favourite jeans on the bottom, and add a signature jewellery piece to take your singlet to a sophisticated night ensemble.

You can also get good wear out of a singlet if you are looking for workout clothes or a simple top in the summer months. Go for a cotton singlet or a spandex blend to give you heaps of comfort and space to move around in your daily activities or workout session.

Singlets are great for layering in the winter months. Rather than going all out on a new winter wardrobe, singlets let you keep your core warm and keep wearing your favourite shirts and other fashion staples.

Where to find the best women’s singlet for you

Westfield’s online catalogue lets you search all manner of singlets, from sportswear to a silk camisole. Have a look at the huge online catalogue to see for yourself. Once you find a singlet that makes your heart sing, you can order online instantly, or plan your next shopping trip to Westfield to try it on for size.