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Women’s shirts

Women’s button up shirts are long-standing fashion staples. Not only are they chic tops in their own right - you can pair them with great trousers or a fitted blazer for instant fashion sophistication - but they are also great as a cool cover-up for your summer dress or outfit on the weekend.

There are all kinds of shirts on the fashion spectrum. While many follow the traditional button-down collar model, others add a bit of flair with skinny throat ties, quirky over-sized pockets, or sheer panels.

But the really playful part of shirt design lies in the pattern. Classic block coloured shirts made from good quality fabric are certainly a staple in any fashionista’s wardrobe, but there are game-changing textiles available today that will really make your shirt stand out. From floral to watercolour runs, have a look and see for yourself how innovative the on trend shirts available at Westfield are today.

Where to find the best women’s shirts in Australia

Westfield’s online catalogue has all kinds of shirts. Use the easy-to-navigate site to filter and find exactly what you are after in seconds. You can trust your selection will be a quality women’s shirt that meets your needs. Once you’ve found it, you can order it directly from the manufacturer for your convenience. Or, if you want to try it on for size and have a fun day at your local Westfield, use the catalogue to plan your shopping day; this gives you loads more time to enjoy the entertainment and eating options!