About Rashies

Women’s rash shirts

Being sun smart never looked so fashionable. Your memories of rashies may be of fluorescent affairs your parents forced you to wear, but these days rash shirts are a stylish woman’s best friend.

Lots of women’s rash vests now offer a form fitted look. These types of rashies zip up, which is how they achieve their flattering, figure hugging look. You can go for full coverage (perfect for surfing, snorkelling or lots of lap swimming), or try on a cropped rash vest for size.

Other cool cuts include a rash shirt that looks almost the same as a cute cropped t-shirt. Some sun vests mimic a hybrid between a cropped tee and a cute zip up vest with capped sleeves. Or you could even try on a spring suit for your swimwear; this is a combination between a one piece swimming costume and a rash suit.

When it comes to patterns on your rash suit, there’s plenty to choose from. Try on a nautical chic rash vest in navy blue with white piping, or have a look at a patterned rash vest in summer florals or cool geometric shapes.

Find the best women’s rash shirts

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