About Board Shorts

Women’s board shorts

The quick-dry fabric and summery style of board shorts make them a go-to wardrobe staple in the warmer months. But which board shorts are right for you?

Board shorts are perfect for all beach dwellers, looking for great surf-to-street accessibility. Especially great for surfers, board shorts will keep you comfy while you swim. Pair it up with a long sleeved surf vest to protect yourself from the strong summer sun, or if you prefer to soak up the sun, top it off with a sporty bikini top.

Hybrid board shorts are the next big thing for surfers and beach dwellers. These board shorts have a similar cut to everyday shorts, but are constructed from great lightweight fabric that is perfect for the beach. Stylish, versatile and comfortable - board shorts are a must have for any woman.

Find the right board shorts for you

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