About Suits & Business Wear

Women’s suits

A well-cut business suit will give you a sophisticated and professional appeal. Westfield has the latest trends in women’s suits on offer, whether you opting for a classic business chic look, or something sleek and off-beat. There is something for everyone’s fashion needs, body type and favourite looks.

Women’s suits are not just a staple of your work wardrobe. While the clean lines and no-nonsense silhouette is perfect for the corporate environment, women’s suits are also a great go-to for all kinds of formal events. You can pair your suit jacket with tailor-cut trousers in luxury fabrics, or maybe looser fitting capris for all occasions.

Mix and match with the great array of women’s suits pieces on offer at Westfield. Create the ultimate ensemble by choosing between designers and stores. 

Shopping for your perfect women’s suit

When you shop with Westfield you can choose to buy online, or to make a day of it. Browse our online catalogue and see what you love and where you can save. Then, you can either buy online or visit your closest centre! Create a list of where to go at your nearest Westfield shopping centre, so you can see how the cuts of different suits work on you.