About Dressing Gowns & Robes

Women’s Dressing Gowns and Robes

Nothing offers the same exceptional level of comfort and freedom as a quality dressing gown or robe. With nothing tight or pulling and full range of movement allowed, the robe is a seriously good investment for any woman looking to style her home wardrobe.

For the winter months, a warm flannelette, wool or cotton/wool blend dressing gown is the perfect way to keep warm while you relax in your home. Check out the ranges on offer, with a variety of styles, materials and colours will astound you. Pair with a super comfy pair of uggs or slippers, and you’ll be so comfortable you’ll never want winter to end!

For robes that add a little more sexy and slinky, we have got you covered with robes perfect for any woman wanting to feel fabulous, even while chilling out on the couch. Even bridal ranges for those wanting a robe to wear about the hotel room on their honeymoon.

Where to buy the best in women’s dressing gowns and robes

Why make shopping a hassle? Jump online and browse Westfields catalogue, and find all of your favourite brands and styles in one, convenient location. Our easy-to-use search and filter system will make finding a new robe or gown a breeze, and with a few clicks you’ll have your latest purchase on its way to your door.

Or, why not make a day of it and head to your nearest Westfield centre for a day of shopping, premium dining and the latest in entertainment? Take your girlfriends and have a day out together that you’ll always remember.