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Women’s Nighties and Chemises

People tend to neglect how they dress at home and for bed by wearing old tees, ratty singlets and worn out jumpers that have lost their shape and style. But why dress like this, when you can get in on the fun by dressing up for bed?

Modern styles and trends give you the opportunity to make going to bed another chance to look and feel stylish. Sleepwear ranges boasting bold colours, fun prints and daring design patterns - and most importantly, they are super comfortable and cuddly to boot! Buy pairs in loose and cool cotton for the summer months, and invest in a super luxe flannel nightie for winter. Pair with a cute pair of uggs or slippers, and make your home a runway for the latest in style and fashion.

If you want something a little sexier for when you’re between the sheets, search for nighties and chemises are absolutely gorgeous. Made from slinky materials that hug in all the right places, you’ll feel as glamorous when you’re getting shut eye as you do dressed up on a Saturday night.

Find women’s nighties and chemises in every style,

shape and size

Westfield is the only destination you need to visit to find a new, quality nightie or chemise. With heaps of brands and stores under one roof, you’ll be absolutely spoiled for choice during your next visit. Try on different styles, experiment with your look, and find something that is well and truly completely you. Why not make a day of it, and in between hitting the shops try out some of the luxury dining options on offer, or catch up on the latest in entertainment?

If you can’t quite fit in a day at the shops, check out Westfields massive catalogue online and find exactly what you’re looking for using our foolproof search and filter system. When you find the style you love, all you have to do is purchase with a few clicks and it will be delivered to your door. It’s that easy!