About Heels

Women’s Heels

Nothing quite makes a statement like a killer pair of heels. From classic, cute covered toe heels, to towering stilettos worthy of the most exclusive nightclub, heels are key to creating a great fashion ensemble.

The shoes maketh the outfit, as your commitment to fashion really shines from the ground up. You can completely transform your look with your footwear, and the right pair of heels is the tool you need in your fashion arsenal to tone your outfit up a notch.

A well-fitting pair of jeans and a tank top can transform from casual weekend wear to a sexy Saturday night ensemble with some statement high heels. A classic business ensemble gains extra elegance when worn with some stylish pumps or loafer heels - and that summer dress you love becomes the perfect date outfit when you wear it with great wedges or sandal heels.

High heeled shoes for every woman

Westfield’s online catalogue has a pair of heels for every occasion. Browse the thousands of pairs online, where you can search by your favourite international or local designer, by keywords, or price range. Perfect heels are only a few clicks away, whether you are buying online or planning a trip down to your local Westfield to try them on in person. We recommend ensuring the shoe fits, and also spoiling yourself to a day out enjoying great entertainment and high class cuisine that only Westfield can provide.