About Straight Pants & Trousers

Women’s straight pants

Keep on the straight and narrow path to sleek fashion with Westfield! There’s a premium selection of pants that boast a classic straight cut, a wardrobe staple for any snappy dresser.

A well-fitting pair of straight pants is a super versatile addition to any wardrobe. Straight pants are office appropriate, yet are still comfortable attire. You can choose a fitted pair, or conversely opt for something with room to breathe. Block colours tend to be the best option for the workplace, but there are also bold prints available if you love a splash of colour.

When it comes to cut, straight pants are available in a variety of styles. High waisted cuts work to give you the illusion of extra long legs. 7/8 length pants are perfect to flaunt with boots, and are a great pair of pants to alternate between work and daily life.

The fabric you choose will also speak volumes about the statement of your straight pants. Jacquard gives you great texture ideal for a dressy evening look, crepe is workplace friendly, and cotton blends give you the comfort and machine washability for everyday pants.

Where to find the best straight pants for women

Head to Westfield’s online catalogue and browse the extensive range of straight pants. Once you find a pair you love, you can buy online then and there. If you’d prefer to try before you buy, you can figure out which shop and Westfield store is the best location for your next shopping trip.