About Casual Pants

Women’s casual pants

Casual pants are often understated in the world of fashion. However, the right pair of casual pants can transform your silhouette completely. Full length pants, 3/4 length pants or shorts - you can transform your legs and look with the perfect pair.

You might go for some fitted skinny jeans in a stretchy fabric, so soft you can wear them all day with ease. Or perhaps a pair of capri pants or some wide-leg pants might be more your style. An on trend fashion option is to choose something with a bit of flow and room for your legs.

For the ultimate comfort, ruched loose-fitting pants or super soft track pants are also available for those days rainy days, when all you want is to snuggle up and watch movies. Comfy tights and stretchy leggings or jeggings will also give you room to relax.

Where to find the perfect pair of casual pants

Have a look at Westfield’s online catalogue for a huge range of casual pants. Feel free to buy online, or make a list of your favourites and plan a day at Westfield to make sure they suit you. No two pairs of legs are the same, so it's a good idea to make sure you’ll rock your new pants! Plus, you can enjoy the premium snack options and entertain yourself with all there is to do at your local Westfield.