About Maternity Dresses

Women’s Maternity Dresses

Step out in style during your pregnancy, and find some dresses which flatter your body, sit comfortably and are on trend with the latest in women's fashion. Compliment your beautiful glow and changing body with well-cut, thoughtfully designed pieces, made to suit your pregnant body like a glove.

Westfield’s maternity retailers have produced a variety of cuts and styles in a  range of different colours and prints for pregnant women, so you’re sure to find something to suit your individual look.

You’ll also find plenty of dresses which fit well around the chest and arms but finish with a long and flowing length. Gone are the days of hiding your pregnancy - today's fashion is all about accentuating your baby bump and celebrating the miracle which is occurring! These dresses are made of elastic materials, perfect for shaping around and moving with your body through the different stages of your pregnancy.

For the best in maternity clothing

You’re sure to be kept busy throughout your pregnancy, so why not take off some of the pressure and shop with someone who has your best interests first and foremost? At Westfield we are all about providing a seamless, convenient and luxurious shopping experience.

Jump online and browse and purchase our range from the comfort of your home, and have your newest wardrobe items delivered to your front door. Or, head to your local centre and enjoy a day shopping in one of the finest facilities in the country. While you’re there, take some time to try out the premium dining facilities on offer, or spend the afternoon catching up on the latest in entertainment. You won’t be disappointed!