About Maternity Clothes & Dresses

Women’s Maternity Wear

Pregnancy is a beautiful thing to behold, but sometimes dressing for it can be a little difficult. Luckily, Westfield has a great range of women’s maternity wear in all shapes and styles, so the way you look on the outside can mirror how you feel inside.

The first thing every pregnant woman needs to think about are there pants. You're going to be growing very quickly, and need pants which can accommodate for that. So a few pairs of straight black pants with an expandable or stretchy waistline are an absolute must! These kind of pants will not only go with everything you already own, but will stick with you throughout your entire pregnancy (and any more to follow!).

Next you’ll need some tops which look great, as well as fit and flatter. Stretchy camisoles, singlets and tees are a great option for everyday wear. If you’re wanting to get a little more dressy, pick flowing tops in bright prints, stripes or block colours - they’ll all go perfectly with your pants!

Tops and pants are every hard working mothers go-to. But don’t forget to treat yourself to a cute maternity dress or two, as well as a good quality coat for when the weather cools down. Finally, maternity underwear is an absolute must. For the time being your old faithfuls just aren’t going to cut it. Find a pair that a breathable and flexible, and most importantly are comfortable.

Where to buy the best maternity wear in the market

Don’t waste time looking around any longer! Westfield’s online catalogue has absolutely everything an expecting mother could need, and all at afford prices. Browse our stock online, using our easy-to-use search and filter system.

Save time and buy online, or spend a treat day shopping at your local Westfield centre. Don’t rush yourself while you are there; enjoy the latest and entertainment, and eat for two at one of the several premium dining options on offer.