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Women’s Charms And Carriers

For a piece of jewellery that truly is your own, nothing quite beats making your own charm bracelet or necklace. Adorn yourself in special pieces that truly mean something to you, and will make you smile whenever you wear them.

Buy your friend or family member something they’ll cherish for their next birthday. Are they reaching a special milestone? Why not get them a special charm to commemorate it!

Or perhaps there’s another special occasion you want to celebrate? Maybe you’ve had a baby, gotten back from a life changing trip, or bought your first house? There are plenty of different, funky charms from you to pick from, so you can always wear something to remember that time by.

But what will you wear your new charm on? Don’t worry, Westfield has you covered, with plenty of chains and bracelets perfect for carrying that special something.

Where can I buy women’s charms and carriers?

Head in to your nearest Westfield, or peruse our online catalogue to see thousands of charms and carriers. Searching online has the benefit of an easy-to-use navigation and filter system, so you can narrow down your hunt and quickly find exactly what you want. It only takes a few clicks to purchase, and have your newest item delivered to your door.

If you prefer heading to the stores to shop, be sure to make a day of it - with all the latest in entertainment and delicious dining options on offer, Westfield is the perfect location for a day out.