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About Compression Wear

Women’s Compression Wear

Sometimes a hard session at the gym or a hectic game of sports can leave you with aching muscles. There are lots of ways people say you can avoid the lactic acid build-up that causes muscle aches and pains, including adding sea salt to your cooking, or having a hot bath after your workout. But compression gear is a great way to help avoid the problem during your workout as well.

Compression gear works by keeping your muscles warm and creating positive pressure. There’s a perfect compression clothing item for you, depending on what sport you’re into. Compression socks are the ideal sports accessory for long distance and marathon runners. If you love sprinting, or play a sport that requires some fast dashing, compression shorts are for you.

Classic compression wear aesthetics are usually in sleek black tones, often with the addition of some brightly coloured details. Nowadays compression leggings and tights can be seen in a variety of fashion forward fabrics, including unique prints and designs.

Where to find compression wear

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