About Formal & Evening Dresses

Women’s formal dresses

Everyone wants to look their best at a formal occasion. These events celebrate significant milestones like weddings, or the end of the high school, so you should choose a dress you’ll love for a lifetime. And it’s easy to find that ideal formal dress for any occasion with Westfield.

You can choose a classic formal gown in a pastel hue for a feminine look. Pair it with a corsage and cute shoes, and you’ll be sure to look timeless. Other favourite formal dress options include strapless fitted dresses with a full skirt and tea length. Or, choose from simple silks or floral prints to make your formal dress statement.

For more modern formal attire, you can choose from monochrome gowns that stand out with their superbly tailored fits. Or perhaps you just aren’t a formal dress kind of girl? For you, there are formal pantsuit or jumpsuit options that will let you feel chic, yet comfortable, all while keeping you dressed up for the occasion.

Celebrate yourself with the formal attire that fits you.

Where to find the perfect formal dress

Browse Westfield’s easy-to-navigate site to find a formal dress you love. You can narrow down your search to your favourite designer, colour, style, or even budget. From there your formal dress is only a click away if you choose to buy online. Or, if you can’t quite decide, come in to your nearest Westfield and see which dress fits you best! You can enjoy a delicious meal or some exclusive entertainment while you think over which formal dress you love the most.