About Coats

Women’s coats

Wondering what the difference is between a coat and a jacket? Well, both keep you cosy, but a jacket generally ends at the waist while a coat continues down the thighs.

Why not try a parka on for size this winter? This style of coat is perfect for everyday rugging up against the cold, and often feature stylish faux fur trims around the hood.  

Androgynous pea coats are a classic style of coat making a big comeback this season. The double lines of button and tuxedo style collar have always been cool, and pea coats in neutral colours can be worn with casual and dressed up styles, offering great versatility and wearability.

In a similar vein, trench coats are a great fashion investment that will never go out of style. Long length puffer jackets are European newcomers onto the Australian fashion landscape, and are sure to keep you cosy in comfort.

How to to find the perfect coat online

Westfield’s catalogue cuts the guessing game out of buying your winter coat online. There are thousands of options to suit your own style and budget, and it’s so simple to browse thanks to the filters.

Once you find the coat that catches your eye, it’s just a few clicks away from being yours forever. If you want to make sure it shrugs on just right, you can plan your shopping trip to Westfield with our online catalogue - it’s a great excuse to check out the latest in entertainment and delicious eats in the food court.