About Gloves

Women’s gloves

Chunky knit mittens, streamlined leather gloves, or soft fleece models will keep your hands happy and warm when the weather gets super cold.

The elegant pair of winter gloves for you could be a pair made of leather, wool, cashmere, or sport a faux fur trim. If you aren’t all that into elegance, everyday wool gloves with stripes or other patterns are a great everyday option.

And how’s this for functional fashion - no longer do you need to take off your gloves when swiping or sending texts in the wintry months! A range of smartphone-friendly gloves will have you cosy and still connected while on your phone, tablet or other touchscreen device. Alternatively, go for fingerless gloves or arm warmers.

You also may need gloves to help you with the outdoor activities you love. Polypro gloves and waterproof gloves can make cycling, hiking, skiing and mountain climbing super easy, and protect your hands from blisters, grazes and more.

How to find the perfect gloves for any occasion

Find the pair of gloves that fit you just right using Westfield’s online catalogue. You can browse hundreds of pairs, then buy online or plan a trip in-store to make sure they’re the perfect fit. If you do head to your local complex, consider making a day of it, and enjoy all of the premium dining and entertainment options on offer.