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Women’s Handbags

Shop a range of women’s handbags and find the perfect purse to complement your life. It’s great to have options when it comes to fashion, and this is especially the case when it comes to choosing your handbag. Making the right choice not only completes your carefully crafted outfit, but you can also make your life a lot easier with a good sized, well designed bag.

Off to work or uni, and need to carry a laptop and binders? Consider a satchel, drawstring backpack, or generously sized tote. It’s great to have a chic bag that offers storage, style and convenience all in the one package.

If you want to go out dancing or are heading on a walk, don’t stress out your shoulders or back with a heavy handbag. A cute leather cross body purse or clutch could be just the ticket. You’ll love that all the freedom that comes with carrying a light bag that has just enough space for the essentials.

Lush range of ladies’ bags

Westfield’s online catalogue has thousands of bags, purses and carry wear for you to gush over. To make it easy to find your perfect bag, Westfield have installed handy filters and search options to help narrow down your hunt. Once you find the perfect purse, either buy online straight away, or find out where in Westfield you can check it out. Go ahead and treat yourself to tasty meals, and catch up on the latest in entertainment while you’re there!