About Tote Bags

Women’s Tote Bags

Have a million papers, contracts, notes or books to cart around? You don’t have to compromise your sense of lady-like style to transport all your business around. Just go for a tote bag! Tote bags have a clever yet simple design that helps you keep it all together, and can be found in a range of fabulous styles, colours and materials.

The original fabric for the tote was canvas, but nowadays you can shop luxe totes in fine leather and suedes. PVC is another popular material for the tote bag, as it’s less prone to stains than canvas and more economical than leather. Plus, with PVC you can add amazing sheens and textures, such as metallic shimmer, to your tote bag. 

Tote bags were originally created as a bag for the beach, and it’s easy to see why. All that space is essential if you need to transport your beach towel, a good read and a change of clothes. If you’re shopping for a beach tote or a tote to take to the pool, stick with breathable fabrics like canvas and calico that can handle a little water.

Where to find a new tote bag

Where else but Westfield? You can shop both over-sized and structured totes to suit your own unique style. Find one that’s totally you, then simply order online direct from the manufacturer, or add the store to your shopping trip itinerary for your next visit to Westfield. While at Westfield, you can enjoy some of the fine cuisines and excellent entertainment available daily.