About Satchel

Women’s Satchels

Satchels are a solid choice when it comes to picking a stylish, practical handbag design. The suitcase silhouette and short handles of a satchel bag speak of the elegance of eras past, and they make carrying everything you need a simple and effortless task.

Another big tick in satchel design is the flat bottom of this style of handbag. Are you sick of the contents of your purse spilling everywhere if you set your bag down at the wrong angle? The satchel solves this problem; you can place it down anywhere with peace of mind your belongings will stay put.

If you’re still not convinced, head down to Westfield and have a look at their great range of satchels. You’re sure to be impressed at how much you can fit in, and how stylish you’ll look with this classic bag in your hand, or perched in the crook of your elbow.

All the latest satchel styles

Whether you want smart, snappy style or a bohemian embossed leather feel, you’re sure to find the satchel that suits you in Westfield’s massive online catalogue. Have a look and see for yourself - there is a satchel sure to satisfy your fashion cravings by a designer you love. You can shop online or plan your next shopping trip at a Westfield near you. If you do head in store, ensure you make the most of the experience and enjoy a day of entertainment and premium cuisines.