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Car Wash, Wax and Polish

Keeping their vehicle clean and shining is a point of pride for many car owners. After all, a car is generally one of the biggest purchases they will make, outside of buying a house. It makes sense that they would want to keep that purchase looking nice. While this is the case for many everyday car owners, it is even more true for certain car enthusiasts. Car enthusiasts who own vintage cars, sports cars, or even cars that have sentimental value – if not much monetary value – generally want to keep their babies garaged, waxed, polished and in tip-top condition.

There are plenty of car cleaning products on the market that can help keep cars looking their best. Cutting through grime and mud, car washing liquids often offer additional properties, allowing you to protect and condition your car as you wash, while enhancing the car’s colour and clarity. While a bucket or hose can work, investing in a pressure washer can help make the job that much quicker. Next up, polish. Car polish uses fine abrasives to flatten out the surface of the paint, creating an even surface for light to reflect off, resulting in a more polished look. After polishing, you will need to wax your car to protect and seal it. Waxing can also help to improve water roll-off and beading, to minimise water marks. If you’re short on time, you can use 2-in-1 car wash and wax products, which clean, shine and protect the car’s paintwork in one easy application.

Buying Car Wash, Wax and Polish

Time to clean? You can make your car shine like new with the great range of car cleaning products at Westfield. Looking for a pressure washer? Need car polish? Want to try a new 2-in-1 wax and wash? Check out Westfield’s online catalogue to find a wide selection of car care products, from the most trusted brands in the business. Take a look at what’s on offer at big name and specialist stores, and pick up any other essentials you need to keep your car sparkling, such as car upholstery and trim care products and car exterior accessories and covers. Then simply shop online for super easy home delivery.