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American Sports Merchandise and Fan Gear

Love sports? If there aren’t enough Australian sports for you to follow, check out what’s going on across the Pacific in the world of American sports. When you think American sports, you generally think NFL, NHL, NBA and MLB. As the most popular American sports, American football, hockey, basketball and baseball have hundreds of millions of fans worldwide. Perhaps you could be the next superfan these sports recruit?

If you love footy, American football could be for you. As an American football fan you’d certainly have a lot of company. Back in February 2016, Super Bowl 50 proved to be the third most-watched show in American television history, with an average of 111.9 million viewers. How about some basketball? If you love fast-paced indoor sports with dribbling, shooting and giant-sized men, the National Basketball Association could be the sport for you. Perhaps some baseball? While it’s not cricket, baseball has plenty of followers in the United States, in both the minor and major leagues.

Prefer your sports a little icier? Hockey – or ice hockey, as it’s more commonly known in Australia – is big business in the United States and Canada, with thirty teams competing in the National Hockey League to win the Stanley Cup each year. With a regular season that runs from October to April, and then Playoffs that run from April to June, hockey definitely gives you value for money as a fan. But no matter which sport you go for, you should pick a team to follow. Whether you go for the Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos in the NFL, the Pittsburgh Penguins or the Chicago Blackhawks in the NHL, pick up some merchandise and start cheering.

Buying Merchandise and Fan Gear for American Sports

As with most sports, American sports are pretty big on merchandising. From jerseys and hats, to stubby holders and keyrings, there is merchandise for all the big teams in all the major American sports. Check out Westfield’s online catalogue to search for merchandise and fan gear for the team you love, or find the perfect gift for the sports fan in your life. Home to a massive range of sports brands, Westfield is the place to go for merchandise and fan gear, as well as activewear and gym equipment. So whether you love playing sports, or you love watching them, Westfield has it covered.