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Torches and Lighting

When you’re camping out under the stars, having reliable lighting becomes pretty important. Torches and lanterns go hand-in-hand with camping, allowing you to find your way around the campsite in the dark, as well as providing indoor and outdoor lighting for your camping spot. Having a good torch is essential when camping. Before buying, be sure to check the quality of the torch light, taking note of the brightness (measured in Lumens). Also check which batteries the torch takes, which globe it uses, and any features the torch may have. If you choose an LED torch, it may have a focusing and dimming features that come in handy with regular use.

Living by torch light can be difficult, however, especially when you need to use your hands for other tasks. Cooking or washing dishes in the dark can be tricky by torch light – and that’s where lanterns come in. Investing in a good quality lantern allows you to light up your living area – both inside and outside the tent – without having to hold a torch. A headlamp can be another handy alternative, letting you light up whatever you are looking at, without having to hold onto a torch. When buying lanterns and headlamps, check off the same considerations as you would when buying a torch, including batteries, brightness, globe and features.

Choosing Torches and Lighting for your Camping Trip

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