About Sleeping Bags & Gear

Sleeping Bags and Gear

For most people, getting a good night’s sleep is essential. Waking up rested and relaxed sets you up for the day, so that you are ready to take on anything life can throw at you! At home, you can usually count on getting a good night’s sleep. When you’re camping, however, getting the rest you need requires a little more planning. First up, you need to look for good quality camp beds. Camping beds can come in a range of styles; from thin, lightweight roll mats and plush foam mattresses, to air beds, stretcher beds and hammocks. Before choosing a camp bed, be sure to check how much available space you will have in your tent. There’s nothing more annoying than setting up your tent and realising your new camp bed doesn’t fit inside!

Next up, your sleeping bag. Again, there is a wide variety of sleeping bags to choose from. Choosing between sleeping bags means thinking about how much you want to carry, how much you want to spend, and what the weather will be like on your trip. Lightweight sleeping bags take up a minimal amount of space and are perfect for campers who want to travel light. Like duvets, sleeping bags are designed to provide comfort in varying climates. You can find sleeping bags for summer, as well as heavier duty sleeping bags for lower temperatures. Lastly, you can either invest in a foldable travel pillow, or if space is not a concern, you can take a pillow from home.

Buying Sleeping Bags and Gear at Westfield

Home to some of the biggest names in outdoor and camping gear, Westfield is the first stop on your next camping adventure. You can find everything you need, from sleeping bags to camp beds, from all the big brands and specialist stores. Shopping online is easy, using Westfield’s extensive online catalogue. Simply search for the items you need, to have it delivered right to your front door.