About Household Batteries

Household Batteries

There are plenty of things to buy and tasks to complete when preparing for a camping trip. Ensuring you have fully charged batteries should definitely be high on that To Do list. Wandering around a campsite in the dark, trying to find the camp toilets armed only with a torch with flat batteries is never fun. From torches, headlights and lanterns, to other camping gadgets that rely on battery power, it’s important to ensure you have fully charged back-up batteries to last the duration of your camping trip before you leave home.

When it comes to buying batteries, there are choices to be made. For the most part, the biggest decision will be whether standard batteries or rechargeable batteries will do the job better. Standard batteries are often the more popular option, however, once they are drained, they have to be disposed of correctly. While they can be more expensive initially, rechargeable batteries can be used again and again, with the aid of a battery charger. Rechargeable batteries will eventually die, but they will take hundreds of charges before this happens. At this point, they too, need to be disposed of correctly. And what about lithium batteries? Lithium batteries – also known at lithium-ion batteries – are popular in camping and caravanning as they pack a lot of energy. If you plan on using lithium batteries, ensure you know how to safely install and use them before leaving home.

Finding and Buying Household Batteries

As common, everyday items, batteries are sold in a variety of stores, from supermarkets to toy shops. Stock up on batteries for your next camping trip at Westfield, home to a wide range of big brand and specialist stores. Either buy online for easy home delivery, or head to your nearest Westfield to pick up all the essentials for your trip. From sleeping bags and tents, to camping furniture and camping accessories, you can find the biggest names in camping and outdoors equipment at Westfield.