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One of the home appliances we often take for granted is the fridge freezer. At home, we don’t tend to think much about keeping perishables cool. We empty out our grocery bags into the fridge, and our food stays perfectly fresh until it comes time to eat it. When we head out into the great outdoors, however, we need to make other arrangements. In order to keep food fresh when camping or caravanning, it’s good idea to invest in a cooler box or a camping fridge.

So, which option is best for you? When weighing up between a camping fridge and a cooler box, there are pros and cons to both options. Coolers – also known as eskys – can be more portable, more affordable, and they come in a range of sizes. Coolers also don’t need battery or mains power to stay cold, but, they do need a supply of ice or freezer blocks. Camping fridges, on the other hand, need a power supply, running off gas, mains power or 12V battery. As long as you can supply that power, a camping fridge can often be the better option for longer trips.

Buying Fridges and Coolers for Camping

If you’re thinking about taking a camping or caravanning trip, it’s always best to be prepared. Whether that means having the right tent, sleeping bag or camping fridge, investing in the right equipment is essential. With a great range of camping and outdoors equipment, Westfield should be the first stop on your next camping trip. Check out what’s on offer at big name brands and specialist stores, and be sure to load up on groceries, take a load off at the food court, and stock up on motoring essentials to ensure your vehicle is up to the trip.