About Chemical Toilets

Chemical Toilets

From camping to caravanning, there are certain home comforts that we all like to have with us to make us feel more at home. While there are shared toilets at most commercial campsites, having a camping toilet on hand can be a good alternative – especially if you’re travelling with kids. No one wants to be running to the toilet block with small children in the middle of night! A camping toilet – also known as a chemical toilet – can be easy to set up and easy to manage. But there are a few things to think about before investing in one.

If you’re travelling in a campervan or with a trailer, space shouldn’t be too much of an issue. However, if space is limited, you may want to consider smaller camp toilet options, such as a portable folding camp toilet. There are also varying levels of functionality. There are camp toilets with internal cassettes, allowing the waste tank to be removed and emptied when it is full. There are camp toilets that can be hooked up to a water supply, as well as vacuum type camp toilets – both of which are popular options in caravans and motor homes.

As it is a chemical toilet, you will also need to think about which chemicals you need to keep it hygienic and sanitary. Be sure to buy the correct chemicals for your camping toilet, and follow the instructions for use. It’s also important to dispose of the used chemicals correctly, disposing of the waste at an authorised dump point.

Buying Chemical Toilets for Camping

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