About Tents & Gazebos

Tents and Gazebos

One of the most important purchases when preparing for a camping trip is your tent. Camping tents come in all shapes and sizes, and are suitable for a range of budgets. So, which tent is right for you? The first thing to think about when looking at tents is how the tent will be transported. If you are travelling by car and have plenty of space, the size of the tent shouldn’t be an issue. Think about how many people will be staying in the tent, and how much space you will need. You can find tents with multiple rooms and living spaces, perfect for families, or anyone who likes some extra space.

On the other hand, if you’re going on a hiking trip and plan to carry your tent on your back, you will want a tent that’s as lightweight and compact as possible. There are lots of lightweight hiking tents available, as well as one-person swags. When camping, tents are not the only type of shelter you can invest in. Gazebos are great for providing shelter from the sun and from light rain, allowing you to sit outside no matter the weather. Gazebos can also be a good investment for trips to the park or to the beach, or even for your backyard.

Choosing Tents and Gazebos for Camping

In the world of camping equipment, there are dozens of brands to choose from. When buying tents or gazebos, think about how much you want to spend, but bear in mind that cheaper options may not be as long-lasting. Visit your nearest Westfield to find a wide range of tents and gazebos, perfect for all types of camping adventures. While you’re there, why not check out what else Westfield has to offer? Dining and entertainment options? Check! Westfield has it covered.