About Camping & Hiking

Camping and Hiking

Heading out into the great outdoors? You might need to stock up on a few things first! While getting back to nature can certainly be fun, it’s a good idea to prepare yourself for everything the outdoors might choose to throw at you. Helping to make the experience somewhat less of a challenge, there is some serious gear out there. When it comes to camping gear, you can go simple – or you can go all out. For some, camping gear means a swag and a sleeping bag. For others, it means a luxury three room tent, a comfy queen air mattress, a full kitchen and a home-away-from-home vibe.

The same applies for hiking gear. Some people keep it simple, where others prefer a bit more equipment in their daysack. From top-of-the-range hiking boots and mosquito-proof clothing, to waterproofs and hiking sticks, there is plenty of hiking gear that can make walking, trekking and general outdoors activities a lot more pleasant.

How To Find the Camping and Hiking Gear You Need

Before heading out into the great outdoors, take a trip to Westfield. You can find a huge selection of camping equipment and hiking gear from all the biggest names in the industry, giving you a great range of all things outdoors. Before you buy, think about the type of outdoors activities you plan on doing, and work out what kind of equipment you’ll need. Remember to take into account the level of comfort you want to achieve! If you want to find out more about camping, hiking or any other outdoors activities, head to any of Westfield’s awesome book stores and start reading up. Time to refuel? Check out the food court and stay fuelled up for your next adventure!