About Underwear & Socks

Men’s Socks And Underwear

Westfield’s socks and underwear selection is enormous, so you can pick out unique staples to see you through your days in comfort and style. Traditional tighty whiteys and yet another pair of black socks may be tried and true, but there are lots of exciting options when it comes to your undergarments!

Men’s underwear is available to suit all bodies with a variety of sizes and cuts, from trunks, briefs, boxers and fly fronts. Choose traditional block colours like white, black and navy blue, or inject some personality under your pants with bright colours and quirky patterns.

Don’t let your socks form a massive pile that all looks the same; buy some bright designs so they’ll stand out! When choosing the right pair of socks it’s all about the colour and pattern. You should also consider what you need the socks for. Dress socks are ideal for accompanying your dress shoes with their thin texture that easily slips on. Go for thermal socks if you’re planning a hike or some chilly travels, or get some running socks for a bit of extra padding on your next jog.

Buy men’s underwear and socks online

Westfield lets you easily find the perfect pair of socks or underwear online from brands you can trust. Use the easy to navigate catalogue to filter your search by your favourite colour, cut or designer. Then, you can simply order straight away online or search which stores you want to check out on your next shopping trip. When you visit your nearest Westfield, be sure to try the yummy food stores and entertainment on offer!