About Trunks

Men’s Trunks

The ideal underwear for men with an active lifestyle, trunks give you the support you need without any uncomfortable, too-tight feelings. Advantages of trunks are they do not bunch up, making them a great underwear option under fitted pants. Trunks sit on the waist and end just underneath your bottom, so you won’t get any underwear lines.

When choosing your trunks, consider the type of fabric that will suit you the best. Cotton is a popular underwear material due to its breathability and hypoallergenic properties that discourage build-up of bacteria. 100% cotton trunks give you a super comfortable fabric, however poly blends give you a little more support for that long run or parkour session.

When choosing the aesthetic of your trunks, coloured waistbands in contrasting tones are always a good look. Simple striped trunks or novelty trunks featuring your favourite superhero are a popular choice as well.

Find the perfect pair of men’s trunks for you

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