About Briefs

Men’s Briefs

Keep everything where it should be with a good pair of briefs. The ideal underwear for the super active man or regular gym goer, briefs let you walk out of the house with the confidence you’ve got everything in place.

Not sure where to get your briefs from? We suggest you shop at the some of Australia’s most trusted underwear manufacturers, designers and brands, available at Westfield.

Briefs are also the most economical underwear option for men. You can buy in bulk and multi-packs at low cost, whether you want fly front briefs or hipster briefs that won’t peek out over your pants. Briefs are the original tighty whiteys, however you can also get loads of cool coloured options. Don’t be afraid to try a bold shade like flamingo pink or lime green!

Buy men’s briefs online

Browse designer men’s briefs or multipacks in Westfield’s comprehensive online catalogue. It’s your one stop shop for men’s underwear, whether you want to buy online directly from the manufacturer, or plan a trip instore to see how those briefs are going to fit. Shopping in store has the advantage of putting you nice and close to the awesome entertainment and delicious eating locations Westfield has on offer.