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Men’s Boxers

In the age-old boxers vs briefs debate, those who choose boxers are usually the most chilled out of the bunch. Both loose and fitted boxers have the advantage of a little more breathing room than briefs. Buy boxers from brands you can trust, and invest in underwear that is true quality.

Classic boxer designs can be found in navy blue colours with lots of stripes. Of course, there are plenty of cheeky boxer designs with fun patterns as well, if you feel like adding some personality to your outfit.

Boxer shorts also make excellent men’s sleepwear. Especially in summer time, they let you keep cool and give you plenty of room for a comfortable night’s rest.

Go for natural fibres like cotton if you want a cool and comfortable fabric for your boxers. Cotton is an great choice if you are buying your boxers for sleeping apparel, as it offers extra breathability. Poly blend boxers are great for wearing your boxers under tight fitting pants, as there is much less obvious an appearance underneath your clothes. Poly blend fabrics tend to make up tight-fitting boxers construction, and offer a little support without being constrictive.

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