Cardigans & Knitwear

About Cardigans & Knitwear

Men’s Knitwear

Every man needs a knitted jumper to complete their wardrobe. Choose a crew neck knit or jumper, and pull it on over your favourite chinos, jeans or work clothes. Knitted jumpers keep you warm, and effortlessly jump between casual and work appropriate looks.

Other great knitwear choices are cardigans and knitted hoodies. These give you the comfort and warmth of knitwear with a little more room to move around.

A knitted vest is another piece of knitwear you can easily wear to work or as part of a more casual ensemble. Go for a plain block colour, or maybe an argyle patterned vest for some nerd-inspired cool

Where to find a great range of men’s knitwear

Westfield’s online catalogue has everything you could ask for when it comes to knitwear. Have a look in our extensive online catalogue for all your men’s fashion needs. Once you find the one you love, buy it straight away online, or plan a day to your nearest Westfield to try it on first. If you choose the latter option, you’ll also enjoy the bonus of getting to experience Westfield’s amazing array of eating options and the latest in entertainment.