About Vest

Men’s Vests

You can buy your men’s formal vest as part of a three piece suit, or enjoy it on its own. The benefit of buying a three piece suit with a vest included is the vest can be worn with a variety of pants and shirts in your wardrobe, adding lots of diversity to your looks.

Vests will add a touch of elegance and formality to your dress clothes, and will do it with much more comfort than a blazer. A formal vest will give you much more room to breathe. And yet, you’ll look much more dressed up than if you were wearing just a shirt. Pair your suit vest with formal pants, or even over a t-shirt and chinos, for a less formal look that still lets you look dapper.

If you want a casual vest, puffer vests are a functional yet fashionable option. Throw one on over a t-shirt and you’ll stay warm on a walk or hike without overheating. Knitted vests are also great for adding warmth without overdoing it.

Where to find the best range of men’s vests

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