About Dressing Gowns & Robes

Men’s Robes

If getting out of your warm, comfy bed in winter is getting increasingly difficult, a robe could be what you need. Leaving those toasty covers for the cold outside seems hard early on a Monday morning, but if you have a warm robe to throw on you can make that transition so much easier.

Dressing gowns are also great for lounging around in, during the cooler months. You’re sure to find a colour or style that suits you. On offer are super soft fleece options that are so soft you’ll want to live in them all day, every day!

Another increasingly popular loungewear trend is the hooded robe. If you love living in your hoodie, this could be the dressing gown for you. These style of robes are made from the same fleece as your favourite tracksuit pants or hoodie, and you can wrap yourself up with extra warmth thanks to the addition of a hood.

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Westfield’s range of sleepwear is sure to have the perfect robe for you. Simply have a look in the online catalogue, and if you find one you love you can order it directly from the manufacturer. Alternatively, get in to your nearest Westfield to try it on for yourself, as well as enjoy the delicious eating options and entertainment too!