About Pyjamas

Men’s Pyjama Sets

Want some cosy men’s jammies for the cold months ahead? At Westfield we’ve got everything you could want.

Classic pencil stripes or gingham patterns are always popular choices, and you’re sure to get lots of wear out of them for years to come.

Get the right sleepwear set for the winter season by going for the right fabric. In winter, you should think toasty flannel for your pyjama set, or a cosy fleece onesie. In the summer months go for a shorts and t-shirt pyjama set combo, and opt for breathable cotton for ultimate sleeping comfort. You can even create your own pyjama set by treating yourself to some comfortable trunks and a cotton t-shirt.

Westfield has the right onesie for you - we have a range of novelty onesies that can double up as costumes, as well as a toasty sleeping ensemble. Get cute animals onesies, and dress as anything from a teddy bear to a lemur. Or if you don’t feel like unleashing your wild side quite that much, go for a fun patterned onesie, or maybe one that supports your favourite rugby league team.

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If you want a onesie for a costume party or a comfy new pyjama set, Westfield’s online catalogue has what you need. Have a look online to see for yourself! From there, you can buy straight away or organise which stores to hit up on your next shopping trip. Don’t forget to get amongst some fun entertainment or delicious eats while you’re there!