About Pyjama Pants

Men’s Loungewear And Pyjama Bottoms

Drift off comfortably no matter what the season is in a pair of the perfect pyjama bottoms. Go for flannelette, pique knit or fleece pyjama bottoms in winter, and you’ll be nice and cosy. When the sun is shining and the weather is hot, you’ll probably prefer something easy and breezy like boxers or cotton pyjama shorts.

Classic white and blue striped pyjama bottoms may be what comes to mind when you think of sleepwear, but pyjama design has come a long way. Nowadays men’s loungewear is trending towards a drop crotch construction, which is good news because this makes for one of the most comfortable pair of pants you’ll ever try on.

Don’t just walk around the house in your old clothes - invest in some quality pyjama bottoms that will make you feel and look good. Unlike some other clothing options, pyjamas are there to comfort you when you relax at home, and all your shields are down. This is time you should be relishing - so up the ante, treat yourself, and invest in some quality pyjama bottoms today.

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