About Casual Trainers & Sneakers


Whether you’re hitting the gym or heading out for a big night on the town, choosing which sneakers to put on your feet is often as important as choosing which clothes to put on your body. For anyone who chooses their sneakers for the style they offer, there are plenty of options on offer. From skater shoes to hi-tops, classic runners to tennis shoes, there is a sneaker out there for everyone. Simply choose the design and colour you love, and work on relacing them to suit your style.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking for men’s sneakers for fitness, there is a whole lot more to think about. More than just the style, you also have to consider the fit of the shoe, as well as the amount of support it offers. Men’s running shoes and men’s sneakers come in many styles, fits and sizes, designed to help the wearer get the most out of his workout. If you are a runner, then it’s essential you buy the correct men’s running shoes, ones that offer maximum support to your feet and joints as you run. Similarly, if you play sports, it’s important to find runners that assist your workout, providing grip where needed, and support throughout your lower body.

Shopping for Sneakers

Comfortable, stylish and practical, sneakers are the shoe of choice for both young and old. If you’re looking for men’s sneakers or men’s running shoes, then Westfield is the place to be. Check out the extensive online catalogue for a huge range of brands, and buy online for easy home delivery. Want to try before you buy? Head to your nearest Westfield to try on a few different styles to ensure you get the right fit. Need gym wear too? Pick up the latest men’s activewear styles. What about home gym equipment? Westfield has that covered too.