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Men’s Grooming

Find a signature scent or keep your facial hair in check with some new men’s grooming products. If you love the feel of a close shave, invest in a quality razor and experience the difference. Once you try designer shaving soap and a badger hair shaving brush, you’ll never go back. You’re worth it, so add a little luxury to your day.

Every man should invest in a quality pair of clippers. Keep your hair where you want it, whether you want perfect, even stubble, or need to tame back a beard. If you are a bearded man, don’t go past some aromatic beard oil or balm to add shine and a great scent to your beard. Other popular hair sculpting tools you should have in your arsenal include hair mud and styling texture cream. With the right tools you can create diverse looks for any occasion.

Aside from great grooming, every man needs a signature scent. Get an cologne for every occasion, and shop our exclusive range of men’s fragrances. Light and clean men’s perfumes are great for everyday wear, but feel free to spice things up with a more moody fragrance in the evening.

Get all the best men’s grooming essentials

Westfield’s collection of men’s grooming products is good enough to make anyone swoon. It’s easy to find just what you are looking for online with our easy-to-use catalogue. Order straight away, or plan a day to your nearest Westfield and to try before you buy. Make a day of it with some mates, and enjoy the great entertainment and delicious eating options too.