About Skin Care

Men’s Skincare

It’s true what they say, a stitch in time really can save nine. Take good care of your skin now, and you’ll be looking great for years to come. Having clear, attractive skin is one of the biggest draw cards you can give yourself. So get a skincare regime happening, and start looking after your biggest asset.

Moisturisers should be a part of every man’s grooming routine, especially if you shave frequently. A light exfoliant or a rub with a clean flannel, followed with a moisturising product that suits your skin, will help you to avoid ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Men’s moisturisers keep your skin looking supple and young, and can soothe and repair sun damage.

With the climate getting hotter, protecting your skin from the sun should be high on your list of priorities. Go for a non-greasy sunscreen, or perhaps a daily moisturiser with added SPF protection.

Find the best men’s skin care product for you

Every skin type is different, so you need to ensure your skincare products suit you. Use Westfield’s online catalogue to buy your essentials online, or plan your in-store trip to get some samples first. While you’re there you can experience some of the latest entertainment, or enjoy some tasty eating options.